About Us

Who We Are?

“ BingHubs is a web design, development, Hosting and SEO company. We are a team of highly qualified and dedicated individuals who aim to provide you best services to grow your business. ”

As a web design, development and hosting company, we are the best in price but also in quality of service. We provide our customers with the best search engine optimization for their websites, which is one of the essential features of a site. If your site ranks high on the first page of Google for your keywords, then you will definitely get more traffic to your site.

Our most sought after feature is the one stop services; get your own professional website and increase your sales and profit. We take care of buying domain name, setting up your hosting, security and emails. We design and develop your website, add services and products for you. We even renew your services timely so you only have to focus on your core business responsibilities. In case of any data changes or modifications; you can get back to us 24/7. We are active, responsive and courteous.

Most of the companies will tell you that you can get all these facilities from any other company but none of them will tell you that you can get all these facilities for free with us. So if you are searching for the best web hosting company, you should seriously consider hiring us.

We also provide you with some of the best tools such as auto backup, SSL Certificates (Greenlock of secure), and multiple email accounts. These tools are absolutely free and will help you promote your business and help your customers. For us, you will only need a good domain name and a good hosting package, but your customers will never pay a penny to you.

We are the best in having our customers’ privacy guaranteed. You will be sure that all your customer’s information and their personal data will be kept secure. We also have a reverse email look up system and advanced security features which are extremely effective and you can use them to improve your online reputation and make more customers.

We also provide you with different languages, translation services, tool and software such as html/css, WordPress, Drupal and more, to help you grow your business quickly. We have also a full time admin support team, who are ready to help you with any problem or issue that you may face while using our hosting package.

When you sign up for our package, you will get the domain name and hosting details from us, along with free e-mail accounts and the privilege to upgrade your account anytime in the future. We are the best in full stack web development packages, which is the easiest way to start a new business.

With us, you will get the best service with all the basic tools and functionalities to help you grow your business faster than you thought possible. You will feel happy once you are using the powerful tools provided by us.


Quick Web Development

Usually we take 3-5 days in development of a project. However with a large team and agile development methodology we are quite able to deliver large projects in 24-48 hours only.

Cost Saving Services

As compare to our competitors our prices are a very low. However we chose the best quality services. We buy your domains from Godaddy and host them on high quality cloud servers.

Online Support 24/7

Biggest challenge with the web development industry is "Response". We have 99.99% uptime and 24/7 availability. Whenever you need us; We are ready to help you.