After 2050 Everyone Will Die @ 60 Years Age

Nobody will live 100 years life. Life will not last for more than 60 years after 2050 because of modern technology, unhealthy food and laziness. 

Technology is very powerful and nothing is as good as technology at improving life. This is true on papers only. In reality; there are drawbacks of technology in our lives. Imagine life before Electricity, Life before the Vehicles, life before the Mobile Phones and computers. Before those technologies life was much less complex but it was at the same time very difficult to get many things done with just the twelve hours of visible light that we are given with each day. However there was no reason to stay awake till late night. Hardworking was essential for everyone in daily life activities. That was making body stronger and capable of living 100 years. 

Today, technology affects our life both positively and negatively. Technology is providing quality of life, ease and facilities and as a side effect it has negative effects on the environment and human health. There is too much dependency on electricity. We overuse electricity and its generated through natural resources like gas, coal, water, wind. Too much use of natural resources has a negative effect on the earth climate system. This is really bad because it means the next generation of human beings may not find the earth as green as it is today.

Today the average human being does not want to do laundry with hands but wants a machine to do that. exercising on a treadmill, using a dishwasher to wash dishes and using automobile instead of walking on feet. These all factors are decreasing the struggle and pain that has a remarkable gain in the form of longer life. 

We harnessed the power of destruction with the atomic bomb which was used in the Second World War, killing thousands of innocent civilians. We are wasting our time on unneeded consumption of unnecessary information on social media sites and other time wasting sites, creating a concerning disconnect between our supposed to achieve goals and our tangible reality.

“You are your biggest asset”. Value your health. Whatever you have achieved till now or you want to achieve in your life, it was your mind and body which let that happen or will let that happen. So, if you want to lead your life instead of just living it, you must take care of your health.

Health has three components associated with its Physical, Nutrition, Physiological. Health is important for everyone, and one must avoid unhealthy foods and drinks. One must remember that no one can enjoy wealth unless one has good health.

West is giving up the junk food. It is obvious that such food is to be consumed when one needs energy without eating regular heavy meals. A healthy body and mind is essential if you want to lead a truly successful life. One cannot enjoy life without good health. Most important is taking care of your physical and emotional well being. Prevention is better than cure. Making healthy choices in life helps one remain healthy and have a better quality of life. People who do not take care of their health, and abuse their body by smoking cigarettes, using drugs or alcohol or overeating, end up with medical problems.

A healthy human body supplies strength, confidence and the ability to take any challenge that the life span offers. We have growing breathing problems all over the world. Covid-19 studies shows that any unknown virus can destroy human life anytime at a large scale. 

Leading busy lives, many people sometimes overlook how to run a healthy life that can affect the mind positively and directly. If you’re looking for ways on how to do better when it comes to improving your health, mind and life, you can check out the following for some tips to achieve this goal.

1. Sleep well
2. Spend quality time with loved ones and friends
3. Take enjoyable activities
4. Say thanks for existing life

Keep these tips in mind. We wish you a great life of 100 years; though it seems impossible.